Haiti: Heavy Rains Lead to 11 Deaths


Above: flooding in Haiti during Sandy (FP)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Heavy rains and flooding at the end of the week in Haiti led to the deaths of at least 11 people near Cap-Haitien, according to Haiti’s Office of Civil Protection.

One other person was reported as missing due to the inclement weather, which came just a few weeks after Hurricane Isaac killed at least 60 people in Haiti.

Flooding from this week’s storm damaged a number of roads near Cap-Haitien.

The Civil Protection office was warning citizens that flooding increased the risk of cholera transmission.

The impact of Sandy was widespread in the country, reportedly destroying 70 percent of Haiti’s crops, and leading to rising incidence of cholera.

Haiti has been working with the United Nations to find aid to recover from the storm.

Updated: Mon. 10:17 AM


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