Haiti Officially Opens Roi Henri Christophe Campus in Limonade


Above: the Roi Henri Christophe Centre for Higher Education (OP Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti has officially opened the Roi Henri Christophe Centre for Higher Education in Limonade, a project funded by the government of the Dominican Republic at a cost of approximately $30 million.

Haiti President Michel Martelly helped mark the occasion, joined by Education Vanneur Pierre, Dominican offiicals and Mary Jean Theodat, president of the Provisional Council managing the campus.

“Haiti enters history with a university that has nothing to envy of other universities worldwide,” Theodat said. “We will make this campus an intellectual citadel, not to defend ourselves but to open ourselves up to the world.”

Martelly said he wanted the centre to help train and transform Haiti’s young students.

“My administration recognizes the role that higher education can play in the economic and social development of the country,” he said. “In this sense, well-managed and dynamic universities are necessary to increase our knowledge capital, enlighten our economic and social choices and give our young people the means to develop their full creative potential — and lead the nation toward a richer future.”

The university was built on an area of 144,000 square metres offered by the Dominican Republic’s government.

According to the government, 1,500 students out of 7,300 applicants will be admitted for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The school reportedly has the capacity to accommodate up to 10,000 students across four buildings and 72 classrooms.

The campus includes a library, meeting rooms, science labs, sports facilities and an auditorium, among other facilities.


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