Hylton: Jamaica Exploring “Digital Economy” for Job Creation


Above: Sameer Younis, chairman of the inner-city development committee of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce and Industry Minister Anthony Hylton (JIS Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Jamaica is eyeing the “digital economy” as a potential source for job creation, following a regional trend of looking to Information and Communication technology, according to Industry Minister Anthony Hylton.

Hylton is renewing the call of Technology Minister Philip Paulwell, who has said Jamaica is poised to be a the “ICT capital” in the Western Hemisphere.

One particular avenue of growth could be so-called microwork, which means using the internet to perform a group of small tasks that are part of a larger project.

“In the area of microwork for example, people around the world can be connected to the new digital economy, thereby transforming their lives and providing long-term employment opportunities,” Hylton said this week.

According to Hylton, a US-based firm called MicroWorks had made a proposal to introduce its work outsourcing programmes in Jamaica in July.

That proposal garnered “strong interest,” Hylton said.

MicroWorks’ target is reportedly to generate 1,000 jobs within six months, and the eventual creation of as many as 10,000.


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