Guyana Signs $33 Million Agreement With UNDP on Natural Resources


Above: Guyana’s Kaieteur Falls

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Guyana’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Wednesday signed a $33 million agreement with the United Nations Development Programme for a project on natural resources management.

The six-month project will develop a comprehensive strategy to be adopted for the sustainable management of Guyana’s natural resources.

“This particular intervention has been lacking,” said Environment Minister Robert Persaud. “We do have national strategies such as the National Development Strategy and the Low-Carbon Development Strategy, but we were lacking that comprehensive natural resources development outlook that concentrated on this key sector of the national economy.”

Key drivers in Guyana’s development are the extractive industries, which make it important for the country to develop a comprehensive strategy that reflects “the aspirations of all Guyanese,” he said.

“This would allow us to be able, in a very focused and dedicated way, to look at new opportunities and further enhance the performance of existing activities within the natural resources sector,” he said. “For us, this strategy will be a catalyst for further growth in the gold, diamond, bauxite, manganese, oil and gas and forestry sectors, ensuring that they are developed in an environmentally sustainable way — it’s very holistic and forward looking.”

The strategy will receive input from stakeholders across the country, including the miners’ association, NGOs and government bodies.


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