Nevis Premier: Path “Getting Clearer” to Geothermal Energy Project


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Nevis has overcome a number of hurdles as it seeks to move forward on the island’s geothermal energy project, according to Premier Joseph Parry.

“I am pretty pleased about it,” Parry said Wednesday on his return from a trip to the United Kingdom. “There is a greater awareness now by a number of very important parties as we seek to move forward.”

Parry said his recent meeting with a team of advisors on St Kitts and Nevis’ debt restructuring and the Export-Import Bank of the United States had yielded several new ideas to advance the project, although he said he was not currently free to discuss them.

The US Export-Import Bank is providing funding for the project, which is being implemented by West Indies Power.

“I do not think we will encounter similar hurdles again, and so the path is more or less getting clearer for us to advance the geothermal project,” he said.

Parry was joined on the trip by Junior Ministers Carlisle Powell and Dwight Cozier, along with Cabinet Secretary Ashley Farrell.