St Lucia Delegation Heads for Taiwan


Above: Deputy PM Philip Pierre

A St Lucian delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Philip Pierre is heading to Taiwan the inauguration ceremony of President Ma Ying-jeou.

Ma was elected to a second term following his victory in the January 2012 national elections.

The St Lucian delegation includes Infrastructure Minister Philip Pierre, Youth Development Minister Shawn Edward, Education Minister Dr Robert Lewis and Health Minister Alvina Reynolds.

The ruling St Lucia Labour Party, which ousted former Prime Minister Stephenson King’s United People’s Party in the country’s November 2011 election, had indicated during the campaign that they might return the country to diplomatic relations with China.

St Lucia severed its ties with China in 2007.

The delegation left St Lucia Wednesday and will return to the country May 23.

St Kitts is also sending a delegation

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