St Kitts and Nevis Identifies Yachting Industry as Key Tourism Component


Above: Christophe Harbour

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The government of St Kitts and Nevis has identified yachting as a potential growth area and one that could change “dramatically” in the next few years, according to Tourism Minister Richard Skerritt.

“Yachting is a lucrative economic sector in other neighbouring Caribbean jurisdictions and has been identified as a key component of the strategy for future growth,” Skerritt said at a consultation on maritime policy. “It is our government’s intention to build a positive environment for growth of the yachting sector, and for the overall development of our maritime and marine sectors.”

The Minister pointed to several projects underway in the federation, including the new private jet terminal at Robert L Bradshaw International Airport and the construction of marina facilities at the Christophe Harbour development, that would help propel St Kitts and Nevis forward in the yachting sector.

The Christophe Harbour project, which has already launched construction, will eventually be a 300-acre marina.

“A Maritime Policy and Action Plan will be an important and timely step in the right direction,” he said.


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