InterCaribbean Adds More Flights for St Kitts Music Festival 

St Kitts Caribbean Music FestivalThe St Kitts Music Festival is one of the hottest music events of the summer in the Caribbean.

As demand surges for the Caribbean’s hottest music festival, regional carrier InterCaribbean Airways has added more flights for the St Kitts Music Festival. 

InterCaribbean is adding more flights from Barbados to St Kitts on June 22 and June 24, bolstering flightier service for the highly-anticipated event. 

That complements existing service between Barbados and St Kitts on Fridays, Wednesdays and Sundays. 

“The 25th Annual St. Kitts Music Festival is gearing up to be one like never before, and we are thrilled that interCaribbean Airways has supplemented its weekly schedule to accommodate for growing airlift demand,” said St “Kitts Tourism Minster Marsha Henderson. “Since the initiation of interCaribbean’s presence on the island in February, flights have continued to perform exceptionally well, and we are thrilled to continue fostering this partnership.”

InterCaribbean is also adding more flight capacity for the week, expanding from a 30-seat Embraer to a 48-seat ATR. 

“The success of the existing interCaribbean Airways flights between St. Kitts and Barbados is an excellent testament to the growing demand for regional travel to St. Kitts,” said Ellison “Tommy” Thompson, CEO of St. Kitts Tourism Authority.  “We are thrilled to continue expanding island accessibility alongside interCaribbean Airways and look forward to the opportunities resulting from the new flight capacity.”

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