Haiti, Brazil and United States Partner on Food Security Initiative


Above: a farm in Haiti

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti, Brazil and the United States are partnering to improve food security in Haiti, aiming to increase incomes and improve nutrition in the country.

The trilateral partnership builds upon the United States’ existing efforts to improve agricultural productivity in markets like Port-au-Prince, Saint Marc and Cap Haitien.

The partnership will primarily focus on sharing new technologies and implementing exchange programmes and training opportunities.

Part of the initiative will include agricultural technology tests by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation in farms in areas including Fond-des-Negres, Archaie Plaine and Kenscoff hills.

The countries will also work to improve collaborative capacity for Haitians at Brazilian and US training centres, along with improving farmer training using Brazilian and US materials.

The plan will also involve visits by Haiti’s Minister of Agriculture to Brazil and the US to see agricultural activities pertaining to food security.

Food security in Haiti has been declining at a reportedly alarming pace. The country imports more than 55 percent of its food needs, and the average Haitian diet is 73 percent of the daily minimum recommended by the World Health Organization.

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