Guyana Tightens Maritime Security after Pirate Attacks; Rescue Boat Capsizes


Above: one of the boats victimized in this weekend’s pirate attacks (Photo: GINA)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A four-person fishing boat that traveled to aid one of the fishing crews victimized by this weekend’s pirate attacks capsized on Saturday night, with just one of the four fishermen aboard returning to shore thus far.

The vessel had gone to bring an outboard motor to one of the boats attacked on Friday, but capsized due to heavy rain and rough waters, according to a release from the Guyana Police Force.

All of the fishermen who suffered the 24-hour pirate attack, according to the government.

Meanwhile, Guyana is planning to tighten security measures on its waterways following the spate of attacks on the country’s Pomeroon River.

A team including members of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre and the Guyana Defence Force and Coast Guard will be meeting with the fishermen who were attacked this weekend.

While no lives were lost and 15 fishermen were rescued, according to the government, two boats were badly wrecked in the attack.

Guyana’s government is considering implanting a Global Positioning System on fishing boats in order to be able to identify the location of fishing boats in the event of an attack.


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