St Kitts and Nevis to Continue Crime Fight


Above: Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas (UN Photo/Marco Castro)

By the Caribbean Journal

Progress is being made in the fight against crime in St Kitts and Nevis, according to Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas, who assumed the responsibility for the Police and Defence forces this summer.

“The battle against crime is still ongoing and law enforcement agencies will continue to intensify their activities in fighting crime,” he said. “The government, through the Anti-Crime Unit in the office of the Prime Minister will continue to support the work of the security forces by providing the appropriate legal and policy framework for the effective discharge of their crime fighting functions.”

Douglas said around 40 Police and Defence officers were recently trained in crime scene management provided by the US Embassy Force Detachment Programme and the United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

The country’s new Dieppe Police Station was built through help from the Mexican government, and was handed over in November.

The government has already broken ground on a new police station in Tabernacle as well, the Prime Minister said.

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