Ramnarine Condemns Attack on West Indies Cricket Team


After an attack on the West Indies cricket team in Bangladesh, the West Indian Players Association came out with a strong condemnation. WIPA President and CEO Dinanath Ramnarine said it was “regrettable what transpired in Bangladesh,” according to a statement released by the WIPA.

No players were injured in the attack, which involved fans pelting the bus with stones. The incident comes almost exactly two years after a similar ambush and assault by gunmen on the bus of the Sri Lankan players.

“The potential for terrible incidents like this one today is why we insist that the standards agreed for regional and international matches must be continuously assessed and must be met at all times as it relates to the security of our players and other related matters.”

Ramnarine cautioned on waiting for something even more serious to occur and urged proactivity.
According to the statement, the WIPA is concerned about the attack and the fact that the bus was attacked without the protection layer promised in the Event security plans.

“A revised security assessment must be done immediately to provide better security for our players to ensure their safety against all potential threats.”

Yesterday, West Indies recorded a comfortable win over Bangladesh at the ICC World Cup.