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Antigua, Aruba Top Caribbean Islands for Millennials Right Now

By: Caribbean Journal Staff

Before successful Caribbean advisor Amanda Bisack, owner of Travelista Travels,  entered the travel industry, she worked as a hip-hop dancer, commercial print model and actress.

Bisack has had spreads in Women’s Health Magazine, People’s, Forbes, Model Airplane, White House Black Market and TIME. And she has shot commercials for a variety of brands such as Party City, Ricola, Walgreens, Toys ‘R Us and others. Throughout her time working in TV and print she developed a strong passion for marketing, videography and photographer.

And it was during a hip-hop dance tour in Europe that she became infatuated with seeing the world.

And then Bora Bora happened.

“After I took an epic honeymoon to Bora Bora, I knew I wanted to share all of my travel experiences with others, so that they too could have amazing and memorable getaways,” she said.

all-inclusive hotels
Ladera in Saint Lucia.

In 2013, she combined her love of travel, marketing and writing and created the Travel Blog “The Chica Travelista”. The Chica Travelista is a down-to-earth, informative blog created to entertain her audience with her adventurous travels while sharing her tales and tips on destinations from exotic to next door.

In January of 2022, her agency decided to spread its wings and become an independent agency. Fast forward to today, Travelista Travels are now a team of 17 travel advisors from all over the country.

“Our plan is to create a team of the world’s best advisors of all backgrounds and expertise,” said Bisack. “We have agents who are just starting out and agents who have been in the industry for 30+ years and needed a new home.”

As The Chica Travelista, Bisack has worked with tourism boards, hotels, resorts, tour companies and restaurants all over the world to create content and market some of the worlds most amazing destinations.

“Our agency covers a wide range of clientele and age demographic, however, I personally have a large majority of my clients who are millennials,” said Bisack. “My millennial clients are literally going everywhere and I’m super jealous of their trips. They’re going to islands like St. Lucia, Aruba, Antigua and also to more long haul destinations like Australia, Bora Bora, South Africa and Bali.

all-inclusive caribbean summer vacation
The Pineapple Beach Club in Antigua.

So, why are St. Lucia, Aruba and Antigua the popular Caribbean hot spots for millennials?

“St. Lucia, I’ve had lots of honeymooners go here,” said Bisack. “It gives you a Hawaii vibe without the long flight. Antigua, it’s still somewhat under the radar and just really being discovered. My clients love its beaches and the whole vibe of the island. Aruba, this island is always an easy sell, everyone just loves it and wants to go back.”

Some of her top clients have been Elite Island Resorts, Nevis Tourism, Viva Belize, Auberge Resorts and Blue Sky Cabo Tours.

“We work with a large range of millennials, some prefer the chic and low key vibe of a destination like Tulum and resorts like La Valise or a resort like Hammock Cove in Antigua, where they can really focus on relaxation and spending time with the person they are with,” said Bisack.

“Many of my millennial clients work in the hustle and bustle of NYC,” she said, “and they really want a hotel where they can unwind and decompress.”

So, what’s the best way to get new millennial clients?

“I focus heavily on promoting travel through my social media as it has always been a massive lead generator for me,” said Bisack. “As you can imagine it’s very exciting when my concept works, which it usually does.”

And she shared an example of how a click can lead to money.

“For example, last October I visited Portugal for the first time ever, literally the week I got home I booked five clients to Portugal for 2023,” she said. Last August, I worked with a hotel in Tulum and promoted the destination, following that trip I booked a Tulum destination wedding and honeymoon.”

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