The 5 Best New Overwater Bungalow Resorts in the Caribbean  

Caribbean Overwater Bungalow
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For decades, overwater bungalows were the exclusive specialty of the South Pacific. 

Not anymore. 

More and more overwater resorts are starting to pop around the Caribbean, from the islands of Panama to the heart of the Dutch Caribbean. 

And while the early Caribbean overwater pioneers were often relegated to remote locales, the newest, hottest overwater resorts in the Caribbean are set in far more accessible destinations, ranging from the shores of Aruba to the first-ever overwater accommodations in the British Virgin Islands. 

Even better? You don’t have to fly halfway around the world to visit them. 

Here are the five best new overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean right now. 

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The Aruba Ocean Villas resort.

Aruba Ocean Villas Yes, there are overwater bungalows in Aruba. The stunning Aruba Ocean Villas resort is a collection of beach bungalows and overwater villas with splendid amenities, from standalone cabanas to, in one villa, a private pool. It’s quietly become the most sought-after, exclusive retreat in Aruba. 

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