The 20 Most Romantic Beaches in the Caribbean for 2023 

Lighthouse Beach in Eleuthera.
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What makes a beach romantic? The best way to answer that might be to define what does not make a beach romantic: huge crowds. Towering resorts. Artificial noise. 

The Caribbean’s most romantic beaches tend to be tucked away; quiet; serene. They are beautiful and serene, natural oases, all with a unifying feature: the somehow feel magical. 

This is our list of the most romantic beaches to visit in the Caribbean in 2023, from The Bahamas to Curacao and everywhere in between, some of which you may know, some of which you may have never heard of.

In the end though, there’s another answer to the question: the most romantic beach in the Caribbean is the one you’re on with the person you love. 

caribbean beaches romantic
Beach chairs at the lovely Barbuda Belle hotel.

11-Mile Beach, Barbuda There’s nothing romantic about a crowd. And you’ll never find one on this staggeringly beautiful, 11-mile-long stretch on beach-filled, 60-square-mile Barbuda, an island where space and seclusion are abundant as grains of sand. 

caribbean beaches romantic
Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island in The Bahamas.

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island, The Bahamas Few places are more naturally charming than tiny Harbour Island off the coast of North Eleuthera, home to this endlessly wide, three-mile-long, pink-sand jewel, dotted with lovely small hotels and villas on the green hills just above. 

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