The 23 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2023

high cay off the coast of san salvador HIgh Cay off the coast of San Salvador in The Bahamas.
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Can you believe it has been nearly three years since the world changed? In that span, the destinations of the Caribbean have undergone a tumultuous, frantic, whirring upheaval, one that turned from total static to what is today an abundant, pulsing, dynamism. When Caribbean islands began reopening just a few months after the onset of the pandemic, they started a new travel movement, as travelers were quickly reminded why they fell in love with the region in the first place — a movement that has only strengthened in three years. 

Today, after a few years of navigating changing health restrictions and global supply chain issues and global travel industry in flux, the region has, quite simply, never been more popular. Indeed, most of the islands in the Caribbean are seeing higher volumes of tourism than they saw even before the pandemic — which were already record highs.

The Caribbean has returned to its place as the world’s premier warm-weather destination, and we have returned with our annual guide to our preferred travel destinations for 2023. We’ve curated a list of tiny beach-filled islands, spirited culinary destinations, burgeoning beach towns and adventure hotspots across the region, from The Bahamas to the north to Bonaire to the south.

Here are the best Caribbean islands and destinations to visit in 2023. Where are you heading this year? Tell us at with the top islands on your travel itinerary. 

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The southeastern peninsula of St Kitts is a stunner.

St Kitts You can feel it hiking in the foothills of the Mount Liamuiga volcano, or cruising the curves of the Southeastern Peninsula, or rum punch hopping on Cockleshell Bay. This is just a cool place. St Kitts is the buzziest place in the Caribbean right now, spotlighting a small but vibrant destination that’s all about locally-focused, authentic, organic travel, whether you’re at the region-leading Park Hyatt St Kitts or the upstart cliffside Sunset Reef. St Kitts has a remarkablly broad offering for a smaller island, a place where the adventure – and the serenity — abound. 

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