Seadream Yacht Club Adds a New Caribbean Port: Statia

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There is new tourism energy in Statia, the tiny Dutch Caribbean island near St Maarten, thanks to a new luxury resort and major new ferry service. 

And now the island has added another achievement: it’s the newest port of call for ultra-luxe cruise line SeaDream Yacht Club. 

SeaDream will be making its first call to Statia on Dec. 10, carrying a maximum of 112 guests. 

statia entry rules
The Golden Rock resort in Statia.

Cruise passengers on the island will be able to hike Statia’s famous Quill National Park, explore the rainforest and see the National Marine Park before departing at 3 PM. 

The cruise line has a growing Caribbean network with a high repeat guest rate. 

And now, looking for new ports in the Caribbean, it has set its sights on Statia. 

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