New Book Explores the Ultimate Caribbean Bucket List

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A new book by veteran travel journalist and CJ contributor Bob Curley explores the ultimate Caribbean bucket list: 100 Things to Do in the Caribbean Before You Die. 

The new book guides readers on ways to create timeless memories across the Caribbean region. 

That ranges from “liming” like a local in Barbados’ rum shops to jumping on the most famous party boat in the British Virgin Islands to exploring Havana in a 1950s Chevrolet. 

It’s an insider’s perspective on the many island experiences Curley has enjoyed, including hiking to the top of the Piton mountains in Saint Lucia and swimming with whale sharks on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. 

“People love visiting the Caribbean, but sometimes overlooked is how diverse the destination is. Culture, traditions, food, attractions and geography vary greatly from island to island,” Curley says. “This book, which includes the very best ‘bucket list’ experiences from 50-plus Caribbean destinations, shows just how rich and varied Caribbean travel can be. It would literally take a lifetime to discover everything that makes the Caribbean great, but my book is a good place to start.”

So what’s number one? You’ll just have to read the book to find out. 

For more, visit 100 Things to Do in the Caribbean Before You Die

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