The Caribbean’s Best Beach Bar Beaches 

caribbean beach bars beachesCockleshell Bay in St Kitts.
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Who doesn’t love a great beach bar? 

What about an entire beach filled with them? 

Travel across the Caribbean and you’ll find them, single stretches of sand teeming with beach bars, often all right in a row — beach bars and, well, not much else. 

For whatever reasons, these beaches have become magnets for beach bars, usually starting with a single pioneer and then a wave of beach bars that follow and set up shop. 

They’re marvelous places to spend an afternoon or a week, where you can pub crawl and beach bar hop to your heart’s content — even in a single afternoon. 

We call them “beach bar beaches.” And here are our favorites. 

Cockleshell Beach, St Kitts It’s hard to think of a beach in the Caribbean that combines such immense natural beauty with quite so many beach bars. But Cockleshell does precisely that, with a privileged perch on the stunning Southeastern Peninsula of St Kitts and an almost dizzying array of terrific beach bars and beach sharks, starting with the high-end Spice Mill and extending all the way down the sand to the beach’s signature hotspot, the Reggae Beach Bar and Grill. 

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