From the Dominican Republic to Palm Island, 5 Places to Go in July

sea feathers villa on the beachThe Sea Feathers Villa at Palm Island.
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We can’t stress it enough – the Caribbean is even better in the summer. You get more beaches to yourself, the water is deliciously warm and the nights are breezy and beautiful. The latest edition of Places to Go takes you from a private island in the Grenadines to an up-and-coming beach town in the French Caribbean. Where are you headed next in the Caribbean?

palm island grenadines
Palm Island.

Palm Island, The Grenadines It’s not easy to navigate the vast landscape of private island resorts in the Caribbean. But when it comes to the combination of raw natural beauty, adventure, luxury and the Crusoe factor, nothing compares to Palm Island in the heart of the Grenadines. This legendary all-inclusive by Elite Island Resorts property is just about everything you dream about in a Caribbean hotel, all set on a private, 135-acre island. 

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