The Best Hotels in Martinique, From Boutique Stays to Beach Resorts

martinique hotels bestHotel Plein Soleil in Le Francois.
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Martinique is an island in the Caribbean, and one of the region’s most fascinating destinations.

But it’s very much the French Caribbean. When it comes to choosing a hotel, that means a lot of unfamiliar names (no Marriotts or Hiltons here), although this island in the Lesser Antilles does have a Club Med with its classic blend of all-inclusive dining and unique activities.

Navigating the island’s hotel landscape isn’t always easy, so that’s why we’re here to help. Here are the hotels we love to say bonjour to when we visit Martinique.

martinique hotels best

Hotel Plein Soleil

With just 16 rooms and a location that eschews the beach in favor of lofty tropical gardens, the Hotel Plein Soleil overlooks the ocean from atop Pointe Thalemont. Spacious rooms and suites include units with private pools and expansive terraces. The hotel’s east coast location is not only comfortably off the typical hotel grid but also convenient to one of Martinique’s top attractions, the Clement rum distillery. In short, it’s the best hotel on the island.

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