From Jamaica to St Thomas, 7 Hidden Beaches in the Caribbean

hidden beachesHalf Moon Beach in Jamaica.
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Some are in far- off, remote islands that are secrets unto themselves. Others are in well-traveled destinations but still a bit off the beaten path. Some, well, require a little extra digging. 

But isn’t that what traveling to the Caribbean is all about? 

Here are some hidden beaches to discover for yourself in the Caribbean.

Half Moon Beach, Jamaica It’s not the Half Moon you know. Unlike the luxury resort with which it shares its name, this one is set just outside Negril, set through a grove of trees off the highway. If you come here, you might be the only visitor all day; if you’re lucky, you can catch a tiny water taxi to the offshore Calico Jack’s, a beach bar that’s open, well, when it’s open. It’s a wonderful little oasis in the heart of Jamaica’s most popular tourism corridor. 

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