A Secret Little Hotel in Saint Martin

saint martin hotel secret

It’s hidden away on a hillside near Cul de Sac, just outside the Grand Case corridor and more than close enough to the Pinel Island ferry. 

For years, it’s been one of the signature restaurants on an island with an enviable concentration of world-class eateries, a place for endless romantic dinners and memorable multi-course culinary journeys. 

But Sol e Luna is more than just a restaurant. 

It’s actually a hotel, too. 

hotel too

A few steps up from the breezy restaurant and bar you’ll find a collection of five “villas”, all designed with an intoxicating aesthetic of modern French chic and old world charm. 

Each room is a little bit different; from private plunge pools to antique desks; there’s even a stunning pool at the front of the property. 

There’s a tiny pantheon of restaurant-hotels, places where you can indulge for an evening and then spend the night (or three), places like the inimitable Graycliff in Nassau and the Sugar Mill in Tortola or La Suite Villa in Martinique, hotels with destination restaurants and rooms to boot. 

saint martin hotel secret
The wine lounge.

In a region where bed and breakfasts don’t really exist, these kinds of places are more like a bed-and-dinner.

They’re a different kind of experience; and Sol e Luna is right up that alley; it’s a quiet, serene spot, funky and eclectic, drawing travelers looking to enter a different universe for a few nights. 

It’s the essence of what makes the French side so cool; that combination of gastronomic excellence, quirky French chic and carefree cosmopolitan cool, all in one tiny package. 

Rack of lamb, Sol e Luna style.

The group that owns Sol e Luna has been one of the most dynamic in recent years; its portfolio includes the lovely Yellow Sub beach bar in Orient Bay and, more importantly, the legendary Le Pressoir restaurant in Grand Case (and its rum tasting club, too). 

Sol e Luna is a very different way to vacation in Saint Martin; but it’s also a place that could exist no where else. 

— CJ


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