Air Canada Rouge Relaunching Cancun Flights

cancun air canada rouge

Air Canada Rouge is back, and now it’s returning to the Caribbean region. 

Air Canada’s leisure airline officially relaunched service last week, with plans to relaunch flights from Toronto to Cancun on the Caribbean coast of Mexico this month. 

“Air Canada Rouge remains integral to Air Canada’s overall strategy. As we emerge from the pandemic, we anticipate increased demand for vacation travel and from customers flying to enjoy overdue visits with family and friends,” said Jon Turner, Vice President of inflight services and president of Rouge Operations at Air Canada. “Air Canada’s leisure airline is ideally suited to serve this market with a compelling array of leisure destinations and an inviting travel experience so that the holidays begin as soon as customers board an Air Canada Rouge aircraft.”

The company has a 39-aircraft fleet, with plans to roll out new cabins on nine Airbus A321 aircraft. 

Air Canada Rouge service had been suspended since the Spring of 2021. 

All flights are operated using Air Canada’s “CleanCares+” suite of health and safety measures. 

— CJ