Bermuda Is Repositioning Its Tourism Brand

bermuda tourism brand

Bermuda is looking to reposition the island’s tourism brand. 

The Bermuda Tourism Authority has announced plans to review and “reposition” its tours brand, tapping Boston-based agency Proverb for the project. 

“Our team understands the need to revisit the way our brand is presented to the world and has found partners who have demonstrated the requisite experience to execute on our objectives,” said Charles H. Jeffers II, CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority. “Critical to our recovery as a destination is a fresh approach to how we engage not only our potential and returning visitors, but also our local stakeholders, community and Bermudians around the globe. And we envision Bermuda’s people and culture will be at the centre of our marketing efforts as we rebuild tourism. Our partners will help guide the brand direction and messaging using data gleaned.”

Proverb will be developing a new brand study for the island, with the goal of “of helping Bermuda differentiate from competitors and appeal to travelers, maximizing visitation year-round,” according to the BTA. 

“Bermuda is a place of rich history, natural beauty, vibrant culture, and meaningful community,” said Daren Bascome, a Bermudian and the founder and managing director of Proverb. “I’m thrilled by the opportunity to help shape and expand the story of our island to inspire visitors.”

Bermuda is currently open for tourism; you can find more on the island’s tourism protocols here

— CJ


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