The Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart Has a New Love Letter to The Bahamas

bahamas eurythmics dave stewart

Dave Stewart, the artist from the Eurythmics, has long been a fan of The Bahamas — and is now in fact a resident of Harbour Island.

And now the Grammy Award-winning artist has released a new song that’s an ode to his beloved destination. 

It’s called Love’s Coming Back, and it’s meant to be a gift to The Bahamas, celebrating the return of travel to the 700-island paradise. 

It’s particularly an ode to the beautiful island of Harbour Island, with the music video showing the sweeping beauty of the tiny island near North Eleuthera.

The ‘Love’s Coming Back’ song is a labor of love and a gift to the people of the Bahamas and the world,” Stewart said. “The Bahamas is now my home and I have been privileged to experience the beauty of the place and its people. I would like to sincerely thank the talented musicians and vocalists who contributed to the song… and invite all Bahamians and friends of the Bahamas around the world to now watch and enjoy the global premiere of ‘Love’s Coming Back.”

The new track includes vocals from Bahamian artist Dayonna, with backing vocals by fellow Grammy winner Joss Stone. 

The song will be used to raise funds in support of youth and environmental projects. 

The Bahamas is grateful for Stewart’s work and welcomes his message to support the Island’s youth and environmental projects to ensure The Bahamas continues to be a unique destination for generations to come,” the country’s Ministry of Tourism said in a statement. 

— CJ


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