Rum Journal: Kenny Chesney’s Caribbean Rum

kenny chesney caribbean rumBlue Chair Bay Rum. Photo by Allister Ann.

We’ve written often in these pages of the transportive power of rum, about how it can take you to the Caribbean even when you’re far, far away. 

There’s something about rum that’s romantic, and much of that has to do with its provenance in the region.

Because there’s just something about the Caribbean: there’s a siren call that has drawn so many for so long, a list that includes the world-famous musician Kenny Chesney. 

Chesney has made no secret of his love affair with the Caribbean, particularly with the “Saints.” as he calls them, that intoxicating corner of the Virgin Islands where British and American green hills come to meet. 

From his love letter to Jost Van Dyke in “Adios to Jost” to “Old Blue Chair,” the latter of which mentions St John’s iconic Cinnamon Bay, he’s made the Caribbean a major part of his repertoire. 

kenny chesney caribbean rum

Chesney is part of that small pantheon of artists who, while not from the Caribbean (like the region’s longtime friend Jimmy), have become part of it through their advocacy and passion. (That includes his efforts to help the Virgin Islands in the wake of the storms of 2017.)

And that passion also includes the creation of a Caribbean rum company, “Blue Chair Bay,” which gets its name from the aforementioned blue chair. (Chesney is the sole owner and chief creative officer).

Blue Chair Bay is a portfolio of 10 rums and rum creams, almost exclusively of the flavored variety, all made with “natural ingredients” and spices. 

The company says the component rums are aged “up to 15 months in bourbon barrels.”

So what’s it like?

Rum Journal tasted the brand’s 10 rums and rum creams, which include everything from an assortment of flavored and spiced rums to a collection of rum creams. 

Of the rums, our favorite was the Coconut Rum (92 points), a well balanced, extremely tasty expression that didn’t have any of the synthetic notes one typically finds with many coconut rums. That was followed by the very good Banana Rum (90 points), a subtle, well-rounded rum with a robust finish.

Of the rum creams, the clear star was the Key Lime Rum Cream (93 points), which is about as delicious as it sounds (put it on the rocks and you have an instant cocktail).

This is a collection of very fun rums. They’re breezy, they’re tasty and, most importantly, they can take you instantly to a beach somewhere in the Caribbean — just as they’re meant to.

And you don’t even need to bring a chair. 

For more, visit Blue Chair Bay