St Kitts and Nevis to Run “Bubble Tours” for Cruise Passengers

st kitts cruise milestoneBrimstone Hill in St Kitts.

Cruise passengers visiting St Kitts and Nevis will participate in “bubble tours” to ensure the destination’s safety. 

From July 22 onwards, passengers will visit specific destinations in designated transportation, according to Tourism Minister Lindsay Grant. 

“When the passengers alight from the cruise vessel, they are going to go into bubble tours, and it means that they will not have direct contact with the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis,” Grant said. ““If they are going to tour at the Brimstone Hill, all the persons working at the Brimstone Hill would be vaccinated on that particular day that the ship and its passengers will go there.”

“They will leave from the ship to the designated transportation to Brimstone Hill in a bubble that means all the persons that they will come into contact with will be vaccinated; they will visit Brimstone Hill or whichever tour they visit, and they come back to the ship in the same bubble without being allowed to have contact with our citizens,” he said. 

The first cruise ship slated to visit St Kitts’ popular Port Zante will be Seabourn Odyssey on July 22. 

That ship will come every week thereafter. 

On July 28, Celebrity Millennium will visit the island. 


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