From Jamaica to The Bahamas, The Best Places to Go in July

jamaica tourism canadaA beach at the Eclipse at Half Moon resort in Jamaica.
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People are traveling again. Driven by vaccinations, traveler confidence is as high as it’s been since the onset of the pandemic — and it’s borne out in the numbers in the Caribbean, where June was the highest-arrival month for the region since March 2020. 

So where to go? 

While individual travel protocols vary, it needs to be said that every destination in the Caribbean is open for tourism right now

So where are our favorites for July? They range from luxury hotspots to the perfect spots for those seeking to socially distance on their vacation — in other words, something for everyone. 

The infinity pool at Eclipse at Half Moon in Jamaica.

Jamaica Jamaica is seeing a full-fledged tourism rebound, driven by a simple and easy-to-understand travel protocol (here’s what you need to know) and an impressive tourism reopening — from dazzling luxury resorts like the new Eclipse at Half Moon to brilliant outposts of cool like the Rockhouse in Negril. Jamaica is open — and it’s time to come back. 

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