US Virgin Islands, Jamaica Talk Tourism “Coopetition”

us virgin islands jamaica coopetitionSt Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

The US Virgin Islands is looking to work with its Caribbean neighbors to work on tourism-enhancing programs in the region — as the industry looks to rebound from the pandemic. 

In other words, the plan is to help competing destinations in the region cooperate to help move forward the regional industry as a whole. 

Or, as Jamaica Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett calls it, “coopetition.”

US Virgin Islands Tourism Commissioner Joseph Boschulte recently held talks with Bartlett on precisely that idea.

“The Caribbean is the most desirable warm weather destination, and we know how to deliver world-class experiences for our discerning guests,” said Boschulte, who believes it is important to connect the best brains across the region to advance Caribbean brand marketing in the global marketplace.

Bartlett and Boschulte agreed about the need to “leverage the strengths of regional destinations to overcome any weaknesses.”

They both also pointed to key trends that had emerged in the last 15 months, including the “loyalty and resilience of urban African American professionals who have been key to the travel recovery in both destinations.”

“Regional collaboration is important to our success and we must continue to share best practices, especially as they relate to public health safety protocols even as the traveling community becomes vaccinated,” Commissioner Boschulte said.

— CJ