This Aruba Resort Has Its Own “Sunset Concierge”

aruba resort sunset concierge

Recent years have seen the arrival of all kinds of new, specialized concierges at Caribbean hotels, ranging from wellness concierges to health concierges to romance concierges.

And now one Aruba resort has created another — one tailored for something that the island is rather famous for: sunsets.

It’s called the Sunset Concierge, and it’s a new initiative by the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort on Palm Beach. 

aruba beach resorts
The Hilton Aruba.

The Sunset Concierge creates a “scenic culinary adventure” for guests to experience “innovative, artisanal private dining accompanied by the famous Aruban sunset.”

Guests work with their personal sunset concierge to choose from several locations across the resort and Aruba, with personalized “sunset rituals” in locations ranging from beneath an Aruban Divi Tree to the Arashi Beach and Dunes. 

The concierge will be at the guest’s service throughout the experience to help assist every step of the way. 

For more, visit the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and Casino

— CJ