Nespresso Launches Jamaica Blue Mountain Edition

Best HikesThe Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Nestle’s Nespresso brand has launched its first-ever Jamaica Blue Mountain edition, Caribbean Journal has learned.

The new launch of the Caribbean’s most celebrated coffee is a limited edition release, according to the company. 

“Jamaica’s Blue Mountains — steep slopes, volcanic soils and island mists are ideal Arabica terroir,” Nespresso said in a statement. “This controlled designation of origin ships their treasured beans in iconic handmade wood barrels. The exotic woody and rich spice notes of this rare crop make Jamaica Blue Mountain worth of its protected name.”

The company has long released single-origin blends focusing on coffees from individual countries. 

This is not the first from the Caribbean, although it might be the most anticipated. 

Previous Caribbean releases have included Puerto Rico and Cuba. 

— CJ


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