Belize Gets “Safe Travels” Stamp

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Belize has received the “Safe Travels Stamp” from the World Travel and Tourism Council. 

The stamp, billed as the first global safety and hygiene stamp for destinations, was awarded to the country at the end of last month. 

The aim of the WTTC’s program is to help travelers recognize destinations that have adopted health and hygiene protocols aligned with the WTTC’s “Safe Travels Protocols” amid the pandemic. 

“Belize is delighted to have received the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Stamp of Approval,” said Belize’s Minister of Tourism Anthony Mahler. “The WTTC’s Stamp of Approval is a milestone achievement for Belize, and is truly a strong testament of Belize’s unwavering commitment to an environment which is safe, secure and provides an authentic and meaningful experience to our visitors.”

Belize reopened for tourism in October with a program called “Tourism Gold Standard,” which covers all aspects of the travel experience amid the industry’s new challenges. 

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— CJ