Puerto Rico Launches “Adopt a Coqui” Program

puerto rico coqui

It’s the most iconic sound of Puerto Rico: twilight song of the coqui frog.

And now the island’s tourism agency has launched a new program that offers the chance to “adopt” the coqui — and support Puerto Rico’s wildlife in the process.

The newest initiative from Discover Puerto Rico is called “Adopt a Coqui,” and proceeds benefit local environmental nonprofit Conservacion ConCiencia.

“In good time, you’ll plan a future visit to our forest to enjoy their serenade in person,” Discover Puerto Rico said in a statement. “But, in the meantime, you can virtually adopt a coquí and support on-Island sustainability and conservation programs.”

For $25, donors get a digital, keepsake adoption certificate with their name on it.

For more, visit Adopt a Coqui.

— CJ