Delta’s Big Caribbean Relaunch

nassau precheckNassau.

Delta is adding what the carrier is calling a “significant amount of capacity” to the Latin America and Caribbean region, the carrier announced. 

The move comes in response to a growing number of destinations that have reopened their borders to tourism, and “increased demand for leisure travel.”

And it will be a major boost for the Caribbean relaunched service to destinations including Cancun, Mexico; Montego Bay, Jamaica; Nassau, The Bahamas; St Thomas and Punta Cana. 

The Mexican Caribbean, the US Virgin Islands and Jamaica have already reopened their borders to tourists. 

The Bahamas and the Dominican Republic will be reopening for tourism on July 1. 

So which routes are relaunching?

For now, Delta’s Caribbean network is focused on routes out of Atlanta, according to analysis of Delta’s Web site by Caribbean Journal

That means, for example, when the Dominican Republic reopens for tourism on July 1, travelers can fly from Atlanta to Punta Cana. 

And when The Bahamas reopens on July 1, travelers can fly from Atlanta to Nassau.

And Delta’s relaunched Cancun service will also be running out of Atlanta. 

Of course, travelers looking to fly Delta to any of these destinations can fly from other Delta cities and simply connect to the Caribbean through Atlanta. 

Delta cautioned that it would be operating about 25 percent of its schedule compared to the same period last year — although that was a major increase to a less-than 10 percent operating schedule during April and May. 

The relaunch comes with a host of new health and safety protocols Delta is implementing, from capped cabin seating, blocked middle seats through Sept. 30 and new measures to sanitize the aircraft. 

Dale McKinney, regional manager for the Caribbean at Delta Air Lines, explained the company’s new protocols during this recent Caribbean Journal webinar:

“Confidence in a safe travel experience is key to a successful recovery,” said Joe Esposito, Senior Vice President for Network Planning. “While we’re rebuilding our network at home and abroad, it’s even more critical that we provide the highest industry standard of safety, space and clean so when our customers are ready to travel, we’re ready for them.”

Delta’s schedule “remains subject to change due to the evolving nature of COVID-19, customer demand, government travel regulations and federal health guidelines,” the carrier said. 

– CJ