In Barbados, The Perfect Combination Vacation


Sure, a week at a beach resort in Barbados is one of the region’s ultimate getaways. 

But what if you spent the week at two resorts? 

That’s the beauty of UNNA Resort’s pair of properties in the northwestern edge of Barbados: Saint Peter’s Bay and Port Ferdinand. 

barbados vacation cover

Port Ferdinand is home to the island’s most beautiful marina, a sleek, modern, luxe retreat that’s as much your own private club as it is a resort. And from an overwater pool to the only Nikki Beach in the English-speaking Caribbean, it’s a true standout. 

The other is Saint Peter’s Bay, the perfect beach resort, a boutique villa resort that marries grand luxury with barefoot elegance. 

And the best part? A short boat ride separates them, one you can conveniently take and enjoy the amenities of both resorts, no matter which one your staying at at the time. 

For more, visit Port Ferdinand and Saint Peter’s Bay

— CJ


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