An All-Inclusive Luxury Villa in Virgin Gorda

all-inclusive virgin gorda cover

One of the BVI’s signature luxury villas is back. 

Virgin Gorda’s Valley Trunk villa, which had been shuttered since Hurricane Irma in 2017, has reopened following a complete restoration and renovation project. 

The 10-suite compound, set on 19 acres in the hills above Virgin Gorda, has amenities including a pool, a cinema, a tennis court and room for up to 20 people at a time. 

all-inclusive virgin gorda

The best part? It’s all-inclusive, meaning every stay comes with meals prepared by a “world-class chef,” along with beverages and alcohol, along with inclusions like tennis, mountain bikes, airport transfers and laundry service. 

Valley Trunk’s signature edifice, the gathering space called Bali House, will reopen next year. 

The building, which was the centerpiece of the former Valley Trunk, was reproduced in Bali based on the original structure’s blueprints and shipped to Virgin Gorda, where it is being reassembled. 

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— CJ