In Virgin Gorda, a Stunning Caribbean Villa


“If you want to run away from the world, you just come here,” Loretta tells us.

And as soon as you walk past the koi pond down to the pool and look out, you agree.  

Because while staggering beauty abounds in the Caribbean. there’s a particular surfeit of it in the British Virgin Islands, that sought-after archipelago that draws boats and travelers and dreamers from around the world to gaze at its gorgeous green-hilled vistas. 

The Baths, the most famous wonder of Virgin Gorda.

And yet, even in a chain of islands this dazzlingly beautiful, there is something extra on the island of Virgin Gorda. 

It’s here where the beauty marries a kind of mystical energy. 

Maybe it’s the boulders; maybe it’s the sand, but there’s something very special in Virgin Gorda, a primordial current that seems to run through the place. 

And there is no more spectacular spot to look out at Virgin Gorda’s wonders than here, up on the Princess Quarters, high above The Baths. 

This is the Red Rock Villa, where Loretta Plummer, along with colleague Kellon Cuffie (above) ensure that those who check in, well, never want to leave. 

red rock caribbean virgin gorda villa
The pool at Red Rock.

Designed by German architect Hubert Horbach, it’s one of the leading villas in the BVI, a complex that include a two-story main house, a three-bedroom suite house and, most notably, a full-fledged, on-site spa. 

virgin gorda villa
Red Rock Villa.

It’s the latter that has helped turn the villa into a wellness destination in its own right; but it’s the pool and the views that take a beautiful villa to the next level. 

spa virgin gorda
There’s an on-site spa.

Red Rocks, which looks out directly at The Baths and its sea of granite boulders

views virgin gorda villa
The views are hard to beat.

And then there are the amenities: the daily housekeeping, the Nespresso, the Clairins toiletries, the concierge services, all wonderful touches, all of which turn help to turn a villa into a destination. 

But when you get in the cliffside pool and look out, the only things you can think about are the shades of blue, those mysterious rocks, the islands across from you. 

The sort of place to come if you want to run away from the world. And never leave. 

For more, visit the Red Rock Villa


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