Seven Ways to Experience the BVI Right Now

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By Bob Curley
CJ Contributor

How do you want to take the British Virgin Islands — one ravishing island at a time, or all at once in a grand tour by sea? Here are seven ways to experience the wonders of this 60 island archipelago.


Attuned to Nature: Guana Island Nature lovers will swoon over Guana Island, a private island resort whose owners, the Jarecki family, are just as dedicated to conservation as they are to accommodating guests in luxurious style. Native birds and animals that have been wiped out on other Caribbean islands still thrive on Guana thanks to a decades-long restoration project, including the stout iguana and several other lizard species. Education about the island’s flora and fauna — including the inhabitants of Guana’s trio of offshore reefs — is deeply embedded into the resort’s guest experiences, which also include a spa, tennis, and a dozen miles of hiking trails. The accommodations are five star all the way, from ocean-view rooms and villas with private plunge pools to fine dining drawing from the island’s organic gardens.

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