10 Under-the-Radar Beach Hotels in the Caribbean

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You didn’t want to spend 20 minutes walking from your room to get to the beach. That’s not why you’re here.

You made the long journey so you could spend your vacation lazing on the sand, rum punch (or just rum) in hand, enjoying the most precious natural resource of the Caribbean. And time is of the essence.

Because there are hotels with beaches — and then there are true beach hotels. The latter means rooms that are decidedly close to the sand, where the entire ambience of the property is focused around the beach experience — about barefoot comfort and pure tranquility, about a vacation free from pretentiousness and vanity.

And while you may have been to some great beach hotels in the Caribbean, we’d like to present you with some that generally fly under the radar of most travelers. They may not quite be secrets, but they’re just begging to be discovered.

Here are 10 great beach hotels that should be on your travel radar.

beach hotels caribbean

Sorobon Beach Resort Bonaire The essence of the barefoot beach hotel. Sorobon, set on the spectacular Lac Bay, is a mix of 15 colorful “chalets” right on the sand, meaning you step out of your bungalow right onto the beach. And when you get there, you’ll find the island’s greatest beach bar, with generous cocktails, fresh fish and a common love of all things beach. And if you’re in the mood for some activity, it’s now home to a world-class windsurfing center, the Dunkerbeck Pro Center.

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