Exploring South Point, Antigua’s Luxury Boutique Hotel


By Alexander Britell and Guy Britton

The details tell you something.

Luxury isn’t always about flash and grandiosity — it’s about the little stuff, the subtle amenities, the things that tell you a place is designed with taste.

The Malin+Goetz toiletries; the Badoit in the fridge; They’re all signs that someone has taken the time to think about how to make every traveler’s stay more special, in the ways that really count.

It’s about the fact that turn-down isn’t just opening up a bed sheet — it’s about completely cleaning the room a second time in one day.

At Antigua’s South Point boutique hotel, the luxury doesn’t overpower you — it just makes you endlessly satisfied.

This boutique hotel set directly on the waterfront in Falmouth Harbour has 23 rooms, all with spectacular views of the Caribbean’s preeminent megayacht marina.

The amenities are excellent — from a harborfront pool and a boutique beach to a sushi bar-restaurant with sweeping views of the water.

And it’s all within steps of the eateries and retail offerings of Falmouth Harbour, meaning you can go buy your wine at the Cork & Basket, grab a rum at Skullduggery or a hearty meal at Trappas.

But it all comes back to the rooms here, which marry the aforementioned brand of luxury with a special kind of comfort.

Because the rooms at South Point aren’t your typical hotel room — they’re sleekly designed hotel residences, with full kitchens, massive bathrooms, balconies and large living rooms.

The bathrooms are outstanding.

It’s an uncanny thing — what South Point has done is give travelers the convenience, comfort and freedom of a vacation rental and marry it with the kind of luxury and service you get at a major hotel.

That’s not something you often find anywhere – particularly in the Caribbean.

But for travelers in the know, people who like to get out there and explore, people who like to experience “living” in a destination, well, you’ll feel right at home.

And isn’t that the greatest luxury of all?

For more, visit South Point Antigua.

— CJ

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