The First Carbon-Neutral Hotel in the Caribbean Is in Aruba

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By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

One of the Caribbean’s greenest hotels just took things to another level.

The Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba has become the first in the Caribbean to achieve total carbon neutrality.

To be certified as CarbonNeutral, recognized as a critical element in the resort’s comprehensive sustainability program, it follows the CarbonNeutral Protocol.

“Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort has set the benchmark high with its sustainability program and we’re delighted that CarbonNeutral certification has been added to its achievements, demonstrating the commitment to net zero emissions that leading businesses throughout the world are achieving,” said Saskia Feast, VP Western Region, Natural Capital Partners.

Providing a net zero carbon emissions experience means Bucuti’s guests leave no carbon footprint.

The resort says its mission is to achieve lasting results for both its guests and conservation.

Bucuti & Tara

Over the years, the resort’s Green Team, with full owner support and substantial investment, accomplished extensive emission reductions within its operation.  

Through its broad CarbonNeutral initiatives, Bucuti & Tara reduced its carbon emissions to the maximum possible level within the resort. 

The small remaining gap is offset with carbon credits through its local Vader Piet wind farm.

Bucuti’s green initiatives range from gifting every guest with a reusable canteen — something that has kept more than 290,000 single-use plastic water bottles from ending up in Aruba’s landfill — to a focus on healthier portion sizes to limit food waste.

It’s all thanks to the decades-long efforts of Bucuti & Tara owner and CEO Ewald Biemans.

“Our guests have chosen Aruba for our naturally beautiful beaches, stunning turquoise waters and the happy, healthy island community. We must protect and preserve our environment on a meaningful level to deliver this experience in the future,” says Ewald Biemans. “I believe the hard work, passion and dedication of our sustainability team to achieve carbon neutrality will inspire others to consider similar action.”

For more, visit Bucuti & Tara.

— CJ

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