Turks and Caicos-Based Airline Adding More Regional Flights


By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

Turks and Caicos-based airline interCaribbean Airways is introducing new routes from Santo Domingo to Aruba and between Curacao and Kingston, Jamaica.

These new services add to the airline’s nonstop flights to Tortola, St. Maarten and Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.

The announcement came from interCaribbean’s Chairman and founder, Lyndon Gardiner, and the airline’s CEO and executive Director, Trevor Sadler.

“At interCaribbean Airways, we know that the Dominican Republic currently leads the region as an economic engine and as a strategic commercial and business point,” said Sadler in a recent presentation to stakeholders. “Our intention is to facilitate the opportunity through the introduction of these new routes.”

The new destinations of Aruba and Curacao will also serve as new routes for the British Virgin Islands with connections to from Tortola via Santo Domingo.

Direct flights from Tortola, interCaribbean’s second hub, include services to San Juan, Antigua, St Maarten, Santo Domingo, Saint Lucia and Providenciales with connections to Kingston and Nassau.

The date of the service’s commencement will be confirmed soon, the company said.

The Turks and Caicos-based airline, which connects 22 destinations and 14 countries in the Caribbean, will also be adding a larger aircraft to its fleet increasing its passenger and nonstop and direct flight capacity.

“interCaribbean has a long-standing history and relationship with the Dominican Republic and we consider it a privilege to be serving the Dominican community, not only as a way to enjoy tourism elsewhere in the Caribbean, but also by being able to connect all Dominicans who live throughout the Caribbean,” Sadler said.

The company also said it would be adding a new Embraer 145 jet, a 50-seat aircraft that would soon join the company’s fleet of Twin Otter and Embraer 120 planes.

— CJ