Virgin Holidays to Open “Departure Beach” in Barbados

barbados tourism boomingA rendering of Departure Beach.

By the Caribbean Journal staff

You check out of your hotel, get in a cab and head to the airport. Then you wait. And wait.

It’s never the best part of any vacation.

But Virgin Holidays has announced a new way to spend departure day.

It’s called Departure Beach, and it’s a new concept is coming to Barbados: a beach departure lounge.

Virgin Holidays will pick you up, take your luggage to the airport and let you check in right on the beach, even getting your boarding pass.

There’s a locker for your hand luggage, too.

Then the fun starts — a full bar, lunch and a beach towel and dry bag.

And if you don’t want to stay on the beach, you can head up to the air conditioned lounge.

Departure Beach is open to all travelers in Barbados with an entry fee of £20.00 for adults and £15.00 per child.

It’s complimentary for guests at Barbados’ Savannah Beach and Virgin Holidays cruise customers whose itinerary terminates in Barbados.


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