St Barth Begins Repairs, Recovery After Irma


The island of St Barth was hit hard by Hurricane Irma, but recovery efforts are now underway.

While the island endured “substantial damage” resulting from the then-Category-5 hurricane, there were no deaths on the island, officials told Caribbean Journal.

Repairs have already begun on the harbor and the island’s Gustaf III Airport, according to a statement from the island’s tourism committee.

“We are so grateful for the avalanche of messages of support we have received from all over the world. We are very moved by this,” said Nils Dufau, president of the St Barth tourism board. “Once again the population of our island are showing absolute courage and solidarity. Everyone is helping his neighbors.”

The state of St Barth’s crucial tourism sector is not yet clear, although a number of hotels suffered massive damage, including the island’s flagship Eden Rock hotel.

Roads are now operational, and wonder production is also underway.

Indeed, Gustavia’s popular 25 Quarter bar in Gustavia was already serving cocktails on Monday.

— Caribbean Journal staff


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