VIDEO: Round Hill, Jamaica’s Magical Hotel



The best kind of luxury is never loud, especially in the Caribbean.

It means a beach with only the sound of soft waves; a window with just the sound of the palms, the rediscovery of the little noises most of the world no longer hears — footsteps, clanking saucers, laughs. Finding it is far rarer than you think.

Everything is unspoiled; this is a place where, more than six decades ago, visionaries realized their dreams of the perfect Caribbean resort, and it remains a place cherished and preserved, at once calm and beautiful like an art gallery.

But somewhere, in the quiet, there is something else, something you can’t quite put your finger on, something that makes you feel special.

Jamaica’s Round Hill Hotel and Villas is the kind of place that no longer exists, a warm, familial resort where everyone, guests and staff, bands together toward the same goal: a way to experience Jamaica’s immense natural beauty and unique personality.

It’s private without being exclusive, with the amenities of a large resort tucked into a boutique shape, whether you’re in the Pineapple House or the spectacular hillside villas and cottages.

The service is phenomenal on every level.

A two-bedroom villa.

And, by the way, Ralph Lauren, a part owner, designed all of the guest rooms.

But it’s the things you can’t describe, those metaphysical qualities, that make for truly unparalleled hotels, the ones you never forget, the ones you can’t forget.

The ones that have a soul.

That’s Round Hill. And it just might be the most magical hotel in the Caribbean.

— Alexander Britell


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