Antigua’s Jumby Bay Now Offers CrossFit


Antigua’s private-island resort, Jumby Bay, has launched a pioneering new Crossfit program.

The program, ICE NYC at Jumby Bay, is the result of a partnership with New York-based Crossfit studio ICE NYC.

The program is led by ICE’s most elite trainers and offers unique CrossFit classes, which combine different kinds of high-intensity physical training.

“As health and wellness become increasingly important to our guests, we are looking at travel and fitness in new and creative ways that elevate the overall guest experience and go beyond the traditional hotel gym offerings,” said Andrew Hedley, managing director of Jumby Bay and regional vice president of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts.  “Given many of our guests’ involvement in and commitment to CrossFit, as well as ICE NYC’s reputation for offering the most high-end, luxurious CrossFit programming in Manhattan, a partnership with ICE NYC was a natural fit, and we are thrilled to offer our guests this special program on-island.”

The program kicked off in December and will continue with sessions in 2017.

— Caribbean Journal Staff

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