A Secret Fish Shack in Grand Cayman

Heritage Kitchen

You’ll drive right by the turn if you don’t know.

Hidden away on Old West Bay road (at the corner of Mary Mollie Hydes Road) is one of Cayman’s best kept secrets: Heritage Kitchen.

It’s been open for about five years, serving a simple, streamlined menu of fresh juice and fresh fish, prepared every way from curry to coconut to Cayman style, the latter with tomato and spice and a bit of everything.


The fish is superb, particularly the Curry Grouper — make sure you ask Ronaldo for the top catch of the day, for it could be wahoo, could be snapper, could be mahi.


This is a slice of Old Cayman, a throwback to quieter days in the Caribbean. It’s impossibly calm here, just a small breeze and the waves and the odd reminder from a rooster.


It’s an important stop on any journey to Grand Cayman.

Just make sure you don’t miss the turn.

— CJ


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