A New Caribbean Air Transport Hub?

Caribbean Air Hub

The Turks and Caicos Islands has a big plan: to become a new regional air transport hub for the Caribbean.

That’s the vision by the territory’s government and its largest air carrier, InterCaribbean Airways, which has released a new expanded flight schedule featuring service across much of the northern Caribbean.

The plan is rooted in significantly improve connection times and experiences for connecting passengers in Providenciales, who will be able to bypass immigration and proceed directly through international security screening and into the departures lounge for what the company is calling the “via Provo.”

“We can now focus on the needs of travelers in the region, implementing the Turks and Caicos Premier’s bold “Hub of the Caribbean vision” says interCaribbean Chairman Lyndon Gardiner, adding that good air service is crucial and integral to business location decisions.

InterCaribbean is now operating flights from Providenciales to a range of destinations, including San Juan four time weekly; Santo Domingo four times weekly; Nassau six times weekly; Port-au-Prince six times weekly, Tortola four times weekly onward to Antigua; Santiago four times weekly; Puerto Plata thrice weekly; Havana twice weekly; and Cap-Haitien, Kingston and Montego Bay daily.

“Both the passenger’s connecting experience at Providenciales, and the flight connecting schedules are now much improved” said CEO, Trevor Sadler.


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