Rum Journal: A Great New Rum From Don Q


The rum world is changing.

The sector is growing fast, and more and more new players are entering the market.

That’s great for the spirit, as more people begin to see rum for what it is — the world’s most diverse spirit.

What that’s also accomplishing is leading more established rum brands to continue to raise their game: and that’s precisely what’s happened with one of the world’s top rum producers: Puerto Rico’s Don Q.

The company has long been the most popular rum in its home island of Puerto Rico, and over the years has released some stellar aged expressions — most notably the Don Q Gran Añejo.

But Don Q is now focusing on attaining a new level of quality, from new blends to special finishes.

That brings us to the company’s newest rum, Don Q 2005 Signature Release Single Barrel Rum.

The limited-edition rum is aged for 10 years and is the company’s first-ever single barrel expression, with the first offering including 3,000 cases to the US and Puerto Rico, with a 2007 single-barrel variant slated for 2017.

So what’s it like?

The rum has a classic amber color, with an aroma of caramel, candied fruit and cane.

The flavor profile is superb, with notes of vanilla, coconut, tropical fruit and a thin layer of spiciness.

The finish is ultra-smooth, with a whisper of citrus peel.

Remember, this is a Puerto Rican rum, meaning greatness comes with lightness. The best rums from the island are never heavy — emphasizing delicacy, shape and refinement.

It’s an exceptional new rum, and a welcome reminder of the great things Puerto Rican rums can achieve.

— CJ